Exercise 3

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Key Question: Why did Rosa Parks refer to Jim Crow as a “criminal”?

Examine the section called “Let Us Look at Jim Crow for the Criminal He Is”.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why was the bus system in Alabama and other Southern states segregated?
  • How did Viola White, Geneva Johnson, Hilliard Brooks and Epsie Worthy try to defy the norms of segregation on the bus system?
    • What do their acts of resistance tell us about segregation in the South – how immovable (or not) it was, the impact that it had and what kind of impact, etc?
  • When Claudette Colvin resisted bus segregation, why do you think the judge dropped the charges of disturbing the peace and breaking segregation law but found her guilty of assault?
  • Why did Rosa Parks refuse to move on the bus?


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