Exercise 4

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Key Questions: Does the Montgomery Bus Boycott mark the beginning of the civil rights movement? In what other ways should the boycott be remembered?

Examine the section called “We Are Having a Difficult Time Here but We Are Not Discouraged” and the “Highlander Folk School and the criminalization of organizing” page (under the “Treading the Tightrope of Jim Crow” section).

Discussion Questions

  • How did the Montgomery Bus Boycott begin?
  • Why was a bus boycott called for rather than leaving Parks’s case to the courts?
  • What impact did Parks’s bus stance and the bus boycott have on Parks and her family?
  • What efforts were made to squash the bus boycott?
    • Why do you think these attempts are so often forgotten in public memory around Rosa Parks, the bus boycott and the larger civil rights movement?
  • How did black activists respond when bus segregation was ruled un-Constitutional?


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