Exercise 5

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Key Questions: How does our view of the black freedom movement shift when we consider why Parks called the North the “promised land that wasn’t”?

Examine the section called “The Northern Promised Land that Wasn’t”.

Discussion Questions:

  • What kinds of racism and injustice to Parks encounter when she moved to Detroit?
  • Did police act justly during the Detroit Uprising of 1967?
    • Why did Rosa Parks think the Uprising took place?
    • How are the uprisings (or “riots”) of the 1960s generally remembered, if at all?
  • How did Rosa Parks and other black freedom fighters challenge unjust police practices in Detroit?
    • Why did the establish a People’s Tribunal in response to the Algiers Motel killings?
  • What was Rosa Parks’s relationship to the Black Power movement?
  • How did Rosa Parks and other black activists fight to free political prisoners and why? 


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